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Seche Vite Fast Drying Topcoat

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I should have done this post ages ago as it really is one of the most vital products I use now and I think all nail bloggers or nail art lovers should use it.

I used to buy a new topcoat about every month, as I have always used up alot quite quickly but always hated having to wait for nail polish to dry before completing some nail art.

I was recommended this product by CassGooner on Instagram who replied to my comment about how she got her nails so shiny, she also said she couldn’t live without it, and now neither can I.

I purchased my seche vite from ebay as I found a good priced one which was also the industrial size so that you could refill your nail polish bottle 🙂

And although I had my doubts about how ‘fast drying’ it actually was I was not disappointed, as it really is fast! Within 1 minute of applying the polish it was completely dry I could wipe my finger along the nail and nothing smudged or marked, it remained perfect!

I will never use another topcoat again, I have also found it lasts along time, I got mine in January and have only had to refill the bottle once so far.

I’ve also found it very useful when doing my nail art as now I can actually do a Tape Manicure and other things I wouldn’t have tried before because I was too impatient to wait for the polish to dry 🙂

I really would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys painting their nails because it really is amazing!


Vintage Stripes and Lace


This manicure was inspired by a picture I saw on Instagram by ‘thenailomon’, where she had done some pastel stripes, lace half moon and a cameo face.

I decided only to do the stripes and lace as was unconfident about the face and decided to go for some striking pastel colours.

I used 17’s ‘Juicy’ green polish as a base (as this is quite jelly like I used three coats), then once that had dried I used some thin nail tape going vertically down my nails.

I then used Rimmel’s ‘Marshmallow Heaven’ over the top of the tape and nail, once that had semi dried I took the tape off to reveal green and lilac stripes.

Next I used 17’s ‘Sweet Kisses’ to do the half moon shape near my cuticles and placed big dots around the edge as to give a scalloped effect.

Finally I used the lilac polish again to place smaller dots onto the pale pink dots, and finished with a top coat 🙂

Cut out hearts and gold


This mani is one I have wanted to try for a while and was going ok until my topcoat smudged it but I thought I’d post it anyway.

I used a simple gold colour for most of my nails but for my thumb and ring finger I used a dark purple colour to create a chevron French tip and the heart.

To draw the heart I used a small detailing brush.

Chevron stripes


To do this mani I used OPI’s ‘Call Me Gwen-Ever’ as a base, then using a small detailing paint brush and OPI’s ‘Big Apple Red’ to create the angular stripes.

I created the stripes by dragging the polish from the side of the nail into the middle and back down again, I started at the cuticle stripe and then moved up the nail trying to keep the spaces even.

I think I may try this mani again using tape to see if I can do a better job but I so think that if I was to do it on someone else it would be more symmetrical.

Nail Art February Challenge-Day 23- ombré nails


Now most people get confused with the term ombré and gradient. To me they are different effects on the nail but it may just be a difference in words from across the pond. So I’d like to be clear on what I mean by gradient and ombré.

Gradient to me means; on the same nails a change of colour using a make up sponge.

Ombré; different coloured nails that are all in colour order, light to dark.

So for this day in Californails nailartfeb challenge I used all OPI nail polish.

On my pinkie I used ‘My Boyfriend Scales Walls’ from the Spider-Man collection, ring finger is ‘Aphrodites Pink Nightie’ from the Greek Isles collection, middle finger is ‘Call Me Gwen-Ever’ from the Spider-Man collection, index finger is ‘Pompeii Purple’ and on my thumb was ‘Big Apple Red’

Peter Pan collar nails


I’ve done these nails before but used some nail tape to do the half moon shape and a dotting tool to so the collar so this time I wanted to try it freehand as I was never happy with the other.

So firstly I painted my nails with a half moon shape using OPI’s ‘Big Apple Red’ and let that dry.

Then using a white polish by Rimmel and a detailing brush I painted the cleaner line of the half moon then created the collar shape with the brush.

Using a dotting tool I then added the dots as the buttons.

Finished off with a topcoat et voile, fin! Simple as that. I think this mani would have been easier if I wasn’t trying to do it on myself and I had a front clear view of the nail.

Becoming A Nail Technician

At this moment in time I am looking into doing a nail course to become a nail technician to be able to charge for manicures and my nail art, but I’m unsure as to what course to get into.

I’ve done some research and its between two options at the moment;

1. an NVQ Level 2 qualification in nail services-training with The Beauty Academy £835 with no kit

2. a complete Nail Technician course-training with NCO nails £395 with kit

any help anybody can give me at this point in time would be helpful but obviously the main differences with these courses are the prices but if one is better than the other I’d like to know 🙂