Double Gradient Tape Manicure

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This manicure takes a lot of patience so needs to be done on a day where you have nothing else to do (unless you have Seche Vites fast drying topcoat which is the best invention EVER! Don’t worry I’ll do a post on it).

Firstly you choose your colours which can be complete opposites or in the same colour region, I chose purples and a pink as these nails were done for my Mum’s birthday party and her favourite colour is purple!

Do a gradient using two of the colours like this:
I used OPI's Pompeii Purple (the fushcia pink) and a random lightish medium purple.

Once that has completely dried you can now place some tape across the nail in any design you wish, I chose a criss-cross design.

Now paint (or sponge should I say) another gradient over the top, I used OPI's 'Tomorrow Never Dies' and Rimmel's 'Marshmallow Heaven'.

Take off the tape, clean around the cuticles, add a topcoat and voila!


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