Harley Quinn Nails


I have been wanting to do this mani for a long time!! Harley Quinn is my favourite comic book character, I am a big nerd with comic books and love all the films and series they make about them but Harley Quinn is hands down my favourite from batman as I watched the animated batman series with her in. She is the girlfriend of the joker and meets him in Arkham asylum as she is his doctor and falls in love with him and breaks him out and becomes Harley Quinn working with him. I love how mental she is and how she calls the joker her pudding….. Sometimes we are all crazy in love!

I’ve made costumes for Halloween to become Harley Quinn and loved being her so I’m so glad to have done this manicure!

Firstly I painted all my nails red except the ring finger which I painted grey. I used a nail art striper to do the rest of the fingers half black. And also used it to create the diamond shapes.

For the ring finger I used a small thin detailing brush to create the white face and costume which was actually alot easier than I thought but there are small details that aren’t perfect like the eyes, mask,lips and nose. But considering this is my first attempt at painting a face I don’t think it turned out too terrible and I know I’ll get better with practise 🙂


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