Nail Art February Challenge-Day 11-Candy

For day 11 of Californails the theme is candy so I decided to do love hearts sweets and they’re Valentines day themed.


So I painted each nail a different sweet colour, on my pinkie I used Barry M’s ‘Yellow’, on my ring finger I used Rimmels ‘Marshmallow Heaven’, on my middle finger I used Barry M’s ‘Mint Green’, on my index I used OPI’s ‘My Boyfriend Scales Walls’ and on my thumb I used OPI’s ‘My Address Is Hollywood’.

Then I got my thin detailing paint brush and used OPI’s ‘The Thrill Of Brazil’ and painted the outline of a heart on each nail and then in middle of the heart I wrote different love hearts sayings like ‘Hug Me’ and ‘I Love You’.

I then finished it off with a topcoat 🙂

I must say I didn’t keep this mani on for long as I wasn’t that fond on the outcome but as it was my first time using the detailing brush I cut myself some slack and know I will get better in time.


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