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Second OPI Gelcolor Manicure


So for my second set of OPI Gelcolor nails I did them on my mum using ‘Strawberry Margarita’ and decided to see how how using a coloured gel base and using nail polish for the art work on top.

So I did a full gel mani including topcoat and wipe off then I used ‘You’re Such A Budapest’ and ‘Lady In Black’ in nail polish for the leopard print, then I topped it all with Seche Vite.

So hopefully in two weeks time it should all be intact just with a bit of growth.


My First OPI Gelcolor Manicure

image (7)

Early this week I received my OPI Gelcolor starter training pack from Lena White the UK OPI stockists after booking a conversion course with them, so I had to do a manicure using it straight away and luckily my mother in law was around 🙂

Once again I won’t devulge my secrets but the colours I used were ‘I’m Not Really A Waitress’ the top selling OPI colour, ‘Strawberry Maragrita’ and ‘Funny Bunny’. I also tried to do some polka dots and daisies but unfortunately this didn’t really work as the gel spread too quickly so I think its going to be quite difficult to do nail art with the gel but stay tuned because I always have a plan B and am determined to use gels and nailart effectively together 🙂

The ‘I Couldn’t Be Bothered’ Mani

image (6)

So as I’ve said in some of my previous post my mum is now obsessed with me doing her nails, so when I saw her last week she asked me yet again to give her a manicure but for once I just wanted to do my own nails so I told her I would do something simple that even she could do and showed her how effect a glitter topcoat is.

So I used OPI’s ‘Planks A Lot’ for the lilac base which she loved then I added OPI’s ‘Lights Of The Emerald City’ and she said how good it was and how simple it was too, so for a moment of ‘I can’t be bothered’ actually educated my mum in glitter 🙂

Zebra Print For The Animal Print Lover


As my mum liked the leopard print nails so much I decided I would do her a different type of print. So I used OPI’s ‘Rising Star’ as a base and my nail art stripper to create the stripes. I also did a full manicure before this which once again my mum loved.

UV Gel Extensions

image (8)

So here is a picture of one of my practises during my gel extensions course day. I can’t devulge my secrets but all I can tell you is the key is blending in the tips which I know for a fact the oriental nail salons don’t do!

I will be performing these on some clients early May so keep an eye out for those 🙂

Something Of My Speciality

image (5)

So after my mum’s first manicure ever! Once the polish started to chip after 3 or 4 days (washing up etc) she wanted me to repaint her nails before I left to go home one day and decided to try out a colour combo I hadn’t yet and knew for a fact she would love this leopard print (she was nicknamed Bette Lynch by my uncle because she wore so much leopard print in the 80s/90s). So I used OPI’s ‘Goldeneye’ as a base, 17’s ‘Forever’ for the middle and Rimmel’s ‘Blackout’ for the outer edge.

Once I had done this I knew she was hooked and she kept this mani in tack for a whole 10days! Being careful not to be too heavy handed and even when it started to chip refused to take it off. I knew from then on she was addicted but what really tipped me off was when I next saw her she asked about what base coat and topcoat I had used! Mothers honestly 🙂

Full Manicure With Nail Art

image (4)

So now I was on a roll and had completed two full manicures and pedicures when I then saw my own Mother at the weekend I told her (quite forceably) that she was having the full works (considering that my mum never does anything to her fingernails and just about paints her toenails let alone going or having anything done properly).

So I did the manicure fully, not buffing at the end, and then proceeded to paint her nails using colours I knew she would like (purple is her favourite colour), and I did something simple and quick (for me at least), and did some daisies.

After she got used to the idea of actually having nail polish on her hands she grew to love it, now everytime I see her she asked me to do her nails! Honestly Mothers!! 🙂