Something Of My Speciality

image (5)

So after my mum’s first manicure ever! Once the polish started to chip after 3 or 4 days (washing up etc) she wanted me to repaint her nails before I left to go home one day and decided to try out a colour combo I hadn’t yet and knew for a fact she would love this leopard print (she was nicknamed Bette Lynch by my uncle because she wore so much leopard print in the 80s/90s). So I used OPI’s ‘Goldeneye’ as a base, 17’s ‘Forever’ for the middle and Rimmel’s ‘Blackout’ for the outer edge.

Once I had done this I knew she was hooked and she kept this mani in tack for a whole 10days! Being careful not to be too heavy handed and even when it started to chip refused to take it off. I knew from then on she was addicted but what really tipped me off was when I next saw her she asked about what base coat and topcoat I had used! Mothers honestly 🙂


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