May Nail Art Challenge-Day 26- Blue


For this days challenge I decided to try a new method of gradient nails to see if I could be more successful with my nails.

Firstly I painted all my nails with Barry M’s ‘Blue Moon’ the lightest blue I have, then once that was dry I dropped the same colour, Barry M’s ‘Blueberry Ice’ and another Barry M blue polish which has no name, onto some paper, and mixed the colours together with a cuticle stick and pressed my makeup sponge into the paint and pressed it onto my nails several times.

Once I was satisfied with the colour I then clean up my cuticles with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover and topped them with seche vite.

Using the pale blue polish first as a base worked a lot better than if I had done a base in white because when it came to clean up it didn’t matter if I took some of the gradient polish off accidentally because underneath was the same colour.

I then also added OPI’s ‘Simmer and Shimmer’ to my ring finger in a few coats for some sparkle.



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