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Glitter Gradient


Since getting engaged last week I’ve been getting more into plain simple designs, I’ve only really been wearing plain polish or simple sparkly designs, so here’s another one.

I used Opi’s ‘I Theodora You’ and ‘Which Is Witch?’.

And here is a picture with my engagement.



Floral nails


I hand painted these roses ontop of Opi’s ‘My Vampire Is Buff’ using ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’, ‘I Theodora You’, ‘Strawberry Margarita’ and ‘Green-wich’.

Essie Nail Polish Comparison


So I have recently brought some Essie nail polish for my professional use to replace my Barry M polishes which I feel won’t look professional.

I recently brought ‘Borrowed & Blue’ to replace ‘Blue Moon’, Opi’s ‘No Room For The Blues’ to replace ‘Cobalt Blue’ and I have been dying to find one to replace my ‘Blueberry Ice’ by Barry M. I had also brought from Essie ‘Lapis of Luxury’ as its a beautiful colour.

After googling and looking at dupe pictures I believed that Essie’s ‘Bikini so Teeny’ would be a dupe for my blueberry ice. However I found it is not and looked very similar to lapis of luxury.

So I decided to do a swatch of both Essie polishes to make sure I hadn’t got two the same. As you can see from the picture above they are quite different.

I have lapis of luxury on my ring and middle finger which is a cornflower blue colour and darker compared to bikini so teeny on my ring and index finger.

Although bikini so teeny won’t replace my blueberry ice polish I have a feeling I will use it a lot as it is a gorgeous colour of lilac/blue yet completely different from Opi’s ‘You’re Such A Budapest’ which is much more lilac 🙂

If you want me to do some more comparisons of my polishes please let me know as I think it’s a great way to know what polishes you have.

Fourth of July Nails


Even though I am not American I really wanted to do some Fourth of July nails. I used Opi’s ‘Alpine Snow’, ‘Big Apple Red’ and Essie’s ‘Mesmerize’.

I painted each nail white, then added the red stripes with a paint brush (I tidied up the stripes with some more white if needed) then added the blue square on my index finger.

I then added the white stars with a small detailing paint brush and topped it all off with Seche Vite.

Jersey Boys Inspired Nails


As I’m going to see The Jersey Boys in the West End tomorrow night in London I wanted to do some nail art inspired by them.

So I did their jackets that they wear in the promo photos for the show.

Firstly I used Opi’s ‘Alpine Snow’ as a base, then with a paint brush did a large v with ‘Big Apple Red’. Then with ‘Lady In Black’ I painted on the collar and tie and little buttons.

Despicable Me 2 Minion nails


As I finally saw despicable me 2 tonight in the cinema I decided to do some minion nails.

I used Barry m’s yellow polish as a base, then used Essie’s ‘Mesmerise’ to paint the bottom of the nail, then added the silver dots and black lines for the goggles. Then I added the white and black dots for the eyes.