Essie Nail Polish Comparison


So I have recently brought some Essie nail polish for my professional use to replace my Barry M polishes which I feel won’t look professional.

I recently brought ‘Borrowed & Blue’ to replace ‘Blue Moon’, Opi’s ‘No Room For The Blues’ to replace ‘Cobalt Blue’ and I have been dying to find one to replace my ‘Blueberry Ice’ by Barry M. I had also brought from Essie ‘Lapis of Luxury’ as its a beautiful colour.

After googling and looking at dupe pictures I believed that Essie’s ‘Bikini so Teeny’ would be a dupe for my blueberry ice. However I found it is not and looked very similar to lapis of luxury.

So I decided to do a swatch of both Essie polishes to make sure I hadn’t got two the same. As you can see from the picture above they are quite different.

I have lapis of luxury on my ring and middle finger which is a cornflower blue colour and darker compared to bikini so teeny on my ring and index finger.

Although bikini so teeny won’t replace my blueberry ice polish I have a feeling I will use it a lot as it is a gorgeous colour of lilac/blue yet completely different from Opi’s ‘You’re Such A Budapest’ which is much more lilac 🙂

If you want me to do some more comparisons of my polishes please let me know as I think it’s a great way to know what polishes you have.


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