Owl Nails


O is for owls. I used Opi’s ‘My Vampire Is Buff’ as a base on my ring and index leaving my half moon clear, then I used ‘San Tan-Tonio’ on my pinkie and middle in the same way.

Then I used Opi’s ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!’ On my ring and index finger as the breast of the bird, and the same on my pinkie and middle finger using Essie’s ‘Mink Muffs’.

Then using a dotting tool I used the base colours on the Breasts of the owls. Then using ‘Need Sunglasses?’ I created two dots for eyes with one dotting tool, then with a smaller tool I used ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ by Opi for the pupils of the eyes. Then with the smallest dotting tool I used Opi’s ‘Alpine Snow’ for the small white bits in the eyes, and finally I used Opi’s ‘In My Back Pocket’ and a detailing brush to create the triangle for the beak.

I then finished them off with seche vite.


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