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Katy Perry’s Prism Inspired Nails

As I recently brought Katy Perry’s new album Prism (I am a huge fan of hers, I own all her albums and singles and just love her music) I decided to do some nails inspired by her album photoshoot and the prism logo.


So I used Essie’s ‘Borrowed & Blue’ as a base for all my nails, then whilst they were drying painted on the prism logo using a variety of holographic and shimmer nail polishes and my small detailing paint brush.

Here was my inspiration for my middle nail.

Then I used CND Vinylux’s ‘Azure Blue’ and a makeup sponge and created a gradient affect on the rest of my nails.

Using OPI’s ‘Green-Wich Village’ I then painted on the tall grass ontop of the gradient. Then I added OPI’s ‘Fiercely Fiona’ to highlight the grass.

Then using a variety of different colours added the flowers and butterflies.

Here was my inspiration for these nails.

Finally I used Seche Vite fast drying topcoat to finish them off.


The Last Unicorn Nails


I have just recently watched the 1982 film The Last Unicorn and loves it, in a cheesy 80’s kids film way, and wanted to try and paint the unicorn on my nails.

So firstly I painted my nails with OPI’s ‘Unfor-Gretably Blue’ from the Germany collection which is a navy shimmery blue and matched perfectly with one of the scenes near the beginning of the film.

Then I used China Glaze’s ‘White On White’ as a base for the unicorn, then Essie’s ‘Borrowed & Blue’ for shading on the unicorn. Then I used CND Vinylux’s ‘Azure Blue’ for the unicorn’s hair and iris. I then added OPI’s ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ for the base of the horn and the nose shading, and OPI’s ‘No Room For the Blues’ as the shading of the hair and horn. Finally I added some black acrylic for the eyes of the unicorn and waited for it all to dry.

Finally I used my Seche Vite Fast Drying Topcoat to finish them off.

October Nailart Challenge-Day 25-Blood Nails


As I have done Blood drip nails quite a few times I decided to try something different and do the drips originating from another source. So rather than having the blood dripping from the free edge of my nails I decided to have them coming from my cuticles, as if they were bleeding.

I used OPI’s ‘First Date At The Golden Gate’ and a medium sized dotting tool.

I then topped them all of with Seche Vite.

October Nailart Challenge-Day22-Critter Nails


For day 22 of this challenge I decided to do some sophisticated ‘critter’ nails by choosing a sophisticated critter, the Black Widow spider.

Firstly I painted all my nails with OPI’s ‘First Date At The Golden Gate’ from the San Francisco collection.

Then using some black acrylic paint and a small paint brush I painted on the spiders, drawing them all towards the middle of my nails as if they were all gathering towards it.

Then once that was dry I topcoated with Seche Vite but before it dried I placed a red gem into the middle of each spider.

October Nailart Challenge-Day 19-Pumpkin Nails


For day 19 I decided to do something different. I didn’t want to do any spooky or scary nails I wanted to do some autumn nails instead, so firstly I painted my nails with OPI’s ‘Stranger Tides’ from the Pirates of The Caribbean collection and let them dry.

Then using OPI’s ‘Green-Wich Village’ and a makeup sponge I sponged it onto my pinkie and middle finger.

Then using a small paint brush and colours such as OPI’s ‘In My Back Pocket’, ‘Need Sunglasses?’, ‘A-Piers To Be Tan’ and ‘Jade Is The New Black’, and Essie’s ‘Mink Muffs’ to create the leaves and pumpkins.

I then topped them all off with Seche Vite.

Disney’s Snow White’s Evil Queen Nails


Something different for the halloween month, disney villain nails.

So I started off with OPI’s ‘An Affair In Red Square’ on my pinkie, ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ on my ring and middle fingers using a small paintbrush, and ‘Peace, Love & OPI’ on my index finger.

Then using my small paint brush paint on the heart symbol from the Evil Queen’s box in which she places the pig’s heart instead of Snow White’s, the hag she transforms into, her true self and the poison apple she gives to Snow White.

I hope you liked these as I loved them and cannot wait to do another set of Disney Villain nails!

October Nailart Challenge-Day 15-Graveyard Nails


For Day 15 of the October nailart challenge the theme was Graveyards, so I decided to use OPI’s ‘Incognito In Sausalito’ as a base for a dark spooky night. Then I used ‘Haven’t The Foggiest’ on my ring finger on 3 quarters of my nail, and be using a small paintbrush painted on the small crosses on my index finger.

Then using ‘Jade Is The New Black’ and the small paintbrush I painted on some grass, and black acrylic paint for the RIP sign.

Then I finished them off with Seche Vite.