London Inspired Nails


These nails were requested by a follower of mine on Instagram who Kik messaged me to talk about nails, if you want to do the same my username is Nonaphilippa.

Firstly I painted my pinkie with OPI’s ‘Alpine Snow’, my ring and index with ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!’ and my middle finger with ‘Keeping Suzi At Bay’.

Then using ‘Big Apple Red’, ‘Keeping Suzi At Bay’ and a small paintbrush I painted on the London Underground symbol on my pinkie, then on my ring I used ‘Keeping Suzi At Bay’ and painted on the silhouette of the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben, and added ‘Alpine Snow’ for the clock face.

Then I painted on the Union Jack flag by using ‘Alpine Snow’ first into the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, then I added ‘Big Apple Red’ on top.

Finally for the London Eye nail I used ‘Alpine Snow’ and painted on the circle, then added the lines in the middle, and finally added the blue dots using ‘Keeping Suzi At Bay’.


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