The Last Unicorn Nails


I have just recently watched the 1982 film The Last Unicorn and loves it, in a cheesy 80’s kids film way, and wanted to try and paint the unicorn on my nails.

So firstly I painted my nails with OPI’s ‘Unfor-Gretably Blue’ from the Germany collection which is a navy shimmery blue and matched perfectly with one of the scenes near the beginning of the film.

Then I used China Glaze’s ‘White On White’ as a base for the unicorn, then Essie’s ‘Borrowed & Blue’ for shading on the unicorn. Then I used CND Vinylux’s ‘Azure Blue’ for the unicorn’s hair and iris. I then added OPI’s ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ for the base of the horn and the nose shading, and OPI’s ‘No Room For the Blues’ as the shading of the hair and horn. Finally I added some black acrylic for the eyes of the unicorn and waited for it all to dry.

Finally I used my Seche Vite Fast Drying Topcoat to finish them off.


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