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OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Manicure


This manicure was inspired by OPI, if you aren’t already go subscribe to OPI’s youtube channel as they post simple designs using their latest polishes.

I used OPI’s ‘First Date At Golden Gate’ from the San Francisco collection, ‘An Affair In Red Square’ from the Russian collection, doing half and half of each on my nails. Then using ‘I Snow You Love Me’ placing the glitter in lines over the two colours.

I loved this mani as its very christmassy and am hoping some of my clients ask for this for their christmas parties.


Nude and Floral Nails


As I have Gelish Hard Gel in Cover Pink as overlays on my nails at the moment I thought they would be a nice base for some pretty floral nailart.

I used OPI’s ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ and ‘You’re Such A Budapest’ as bases for the flowers, ‘Shorts Story’ and ‘A Grape Fit’ for the details of the flowers and then ‘Green-Wich Village’ for the leaves.

Baby Girl Baby Shower Nails


A very good friend of mine is pregnant with a little girl and invited me to the baby shower a few weeks ago, so in honour of the party I did some baby girl themed nails.

I used Opi’s ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ as a base, then ‘Shorts Story’ and ‘Strawberry Maragrita’, China Glaze’s ‘White On White’ and ‘Liquid Leather’ and Deborah Lippmann’s ‘No More Drama’ for all the details such as the dummy, bottle, abc cube and foot prints.

I then topped them off with Seche Vite.

Earth Nails


These nails were inspired by the great WAH nails in London.

I used OPI’s ‘In My Back Pocket’ and ‘Strawberry Maragrita’ on half of my nails each, then with a fan paint brush I used China Glaze’s ‘Liquid Leather’ and gently brushed down the middle of my nails to create this jagged affect.

Polka Dot Nails


These are somewhat of a throwback for me as this is how the whole thing started for me, polka dots.

I love polka dots and a couple of years ago when I used to go to a lovely local salon to get Bio Sculpture nails I asked if they could add some white polka dots to my red mani, and they managed to and so my loved for nailart was born. Eventually I started trying things out for myself and after a long time I am finally where I am today.

So for this mani I used OPI’s ‘Innie Minnie Mightie Bow’ and China Glaze’s ‘White On White’ and a dotting tool (when I first started out I used a bobby pin).

I then topped them off with Seche Vite, which is an amazing product! If you haven’t already you should really try it, it has changed my life!

November Nailart Challenge-Day 22-Catching Fire Nails


As 22nd November was the date that The Hunger Games Catching Fire movie came to cinemas worldwide this was the theme of the day.

I used China Glaze’s ‘Liquid Leather’ as a base, acrylic paints for my fiery cuticles which were just placed on in lines dragging down my nails.

For the accent index finger Mockingjay pin I used China Glaze’s ‘Mingle With Kringle’ and Opi’s ‘A Woman’s Prague-Ative’.

November Nailart Challenge-Day 19- Glitter Nails


I love these Christmassy sparkly glittery nails for day 19 of this months nailart challenge.

I used Opi’s ‘An Affair In Red Square’ from the Russian Collection, ‘All Sparkly And Gold’ from the Mariah Carey Holiday collection on my ring finger and then ‘I Snow You Love Me’ for the glitter placement also from the new Mariah Carey collection.

I placed the glitter so that it created a ruffian manicure effect at the cuticles.

I then used Seche vite fast drying topcoat to finish them off.