October Nailart Challenge-Day 28- Monster nails


So for one of the final days of the challenge the theme was monsters so I thought I would do all the classic monsters, starting off with my pinkie nails as a werewolf, my ring finger as a vampire, my middle as a mummy and finally my index as Frankenstein.

So for my pinkie I firstly used OPI’s ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!’ Then using my small paintbrush painting the eyes on using China Glaze’s ‘Liquid Leather’, then using my paintbrush painting the two yellow slits of the eye Iris’s using OPI’s ‘Fiercely Fiona’.

For my ring finger I firstly painted the nail using OPI’s ‘Big Apple Red’ then using liquid leather for the middle leaving some of the red at my cuticle and free edge. Then using my small paint brush and China Glaze’s ‘White on White’ painting on the teeth.

For my middle finger I used White on White on the whole of my nail, then using liquid leather to hand paint on the stripes diagonally and the diamond shape in the middle for the face hole, then used a dotting tool for the eyes.

Finally for my index finger I used OPI’s ‘Green-Wich Village’ on my nail, then liquid leather for the hair mouth scar, forehead scar and eyes.

For the rest of my nails I painted them with Liquid Leather and then I topped them off with Seche Vite.


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