Dolphin Nails-Save Our Oceans Contest Entry


So these were my nails for a contest entry I entered recently, the theme was save our oceans and we had to follow some rules which included facts about how we could save the ocean, something that is wrong or killing our oceans and also to use acrylic paints.

So firstly I painted my nails with CND’s Vinylux ‘Azure Blue’ and using Opi’s ‘No Room For The Blues’ and ‘Keeping Suzi At Bay’ to create the gradient effect.

Then I used China Glaze’s ‘White On White’ and ‘Liquid Leather’, Opi’s ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!’ And acrylic paints to paint on the dolphins.

I don’t really know what the prizes for this contest is but I’m not about the winning I like the participation, and any international contests I can participate in I try to.

Hope you guys like these as I know I did.


3 thoughts on “Dolphin Nails-Save Our Oceans Contest Entry

  1. I love these. Dolphins are one of my favourite animals, I think they’re so graceful and elegant. I’d love to give these a try on my own nails but I’m not sure if I’d be able to manage this design.

    • Yeah dolphins are some of my favourite animals too, I would love to go swimming with them one day. I’m glad you like them, I must admit though I found them challenging, but glad I did them.

      • I’d love to go swimming with dolphins as well. And I’d also love to go on something like a whale watching trip to see dolphins and whales in the wild.

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