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December Nailart Challenge-Day 19- Sweet Nails


These are quite simple sweet nails as I wasn’t sure what to do at the time. I used Opi’s ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ as a base.

Then for the sweets I used China Glaze’s ‘So Blue Without You’, ‘Mingle With Kringle’ and ‘Infra Red’ and Opi’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

Christmas Tree Nails


For these simple but sophisticated Christmas nails I used Opi’s ‘An Affair In Red Square’ as a base, ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ as a topper and ‘All Sparkly and Gold’ for the tree and a star stud.

I then used Seche vite to secure the stud and top off the nails.

Olaf the Snowman Nails


For these Frozen inspired nails featuring Olaf the snowman I used Opi’s ‘Dining Al Frisco’ as a base, and ‘Snowflakes In The Air’ on the cuticles of the rest of my nails.

For Olaf himself I used China Glaze’s ‘White on White’, ‘Liquid Leather’ and Opi’s ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!’ And ‘In My Back Pocket’.

Peter Pan and Neverland Nails


These are probably some of my most complex nails to date but I am very proud of them!

These are based from a photo of Disney’s Peter Pan.

I decided to do Neverland in the background with Peter, Wendy, John and Michael as shadows.

I used a variety of polishes and topped them off with Seche vite.

Christmas Angel Nails


These nails were inspired by a picture someone sent me and I used Opi’s ‘Keeping Suzi At Bay’ as a base and various other polishes for the angel accent finger, I used Opi’s ‘Need Sunglasses?’ For the stars.

I finished them all with Seche Vite Topcoat.