Disney’s Rapunzel Tangled Nails


As each nail is different its quite hard to describe how I did these and what I used as I used so many polishes. But I used a small detailing paintbrush for them all and did use nail polish, most of them are OPI. If you want to know a specific name leave me a comment and I will answer.

The pinkie nail is based on Rapunzel painting of the ‘floating lights’, the ring finger is Pascal the chameleon, the middle finger is Rapunzel’s dress, index finger is Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert’s top and the thumb is the symbol of Rapunzel’s kingdom.


One thought on “Disney’s Rapunzel Tangled Nails

  1. These are great! I did Tangled/Rapunzel nails a while back, but it was really more “inspired by” than the actual characters. I can’t do character design worth a damn – yours are super.

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