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Polka Dot Bow Nails


So this is a design I did a couple of weeks ago onto a false press on nail along with others for a Princess Pamper Party I did and I just loved this polka dot bow design so when one of the nail art challenges I was involved in asked for bow nails I knew I had to do this design.

Firstly I used OPI ‘Big Apple Red’ as a base, then using ‘Lady In Black’ and a small detailing paintbrush I painted the black outlines for the bow.

Then I added ‘Alpine Snow’ in the middle of the outlines to fill in, and in the process cleaned up all my outlines.

Then using a dotting tool and ‘Kiss Me I’m Brazilian’ I added the dots. Then I went back with my black polish and added a few crease lines to the bows.

Finally I topped my nails with Seche Vite.


CND Vinylux Polish Swatch Watch

So some of you may or may not know that last year I trained as a nail tech, on my journey I have learnt so much information about nails and nail products it’s unbelievable! But one thing I have learnt about is CND.

CND are a nail product company who invented the Power Polish Shellac. Now they are the only ones to make and produce the real and only Shellac, if your bottle does not look like this;
IT IS FAKE! If you believe you are having a ‘Shellac’ service and the bottle of colour gel does not look like one of these then the person performing your manicure is using a fake product and not telling you the truth on where they purchased their product and what service they are providing!

CND is one the highest rated and loved brand in the nail business and Shellac is one the most wanted services. However as a nail tech myself and someone who has had a Shellac service in the past I decided from day one I was not going to offer this service and it is so widely done. And the gel polish service I offer is OPI Gelcolor which I chose because of my love for OPI polish and colours.

But then CND did something great and made Vinylux, a weekly polish. Now I have yet to try out the weekly theory but I know from other nail techs this claim is true! There is no base coat needed for Vinylux and their weekly topcoat means no chipping for a week.

Now as I wasn’t buying their Shellac products I knew I wanted to try Vinylux as I love polish and liked the look of some of their colours.

So the first Vinylux polish I brought was ‘Azure Wish’
Which is the beautiful baby blue (I originally got it to replace Barry M ‘Blueberry Ice’ as I wanted a professional product to use on clients) and it also has a slight sparkle to it too, you will notice the name as I have used it in countless mani’s!

Then CND recently brought out their Open Road collection (Shellac colours as above) and I noticed the lemon like yellow shade and as I have been searching for a lemon polish for what seems like ages, I knew I had to try it. So this is ‘Sun Bleached’
Again you will probably notice this polish as I have already used it quite a lot as I am in love with it!!!

So after the success of using these two polishes I wanted to try more! So made another order with the UK CND stockists and brought ‘Cake Pop’
Which is this gorgeous pale pink!!

I also brought ‘Clay Canyon’
Which is a colour I wasn’t so sure about when I first received it but once I put it on I knew I was in love!! Its an orangey brown shade but in a nude way because it just looks beautiful on!

And the final Vinylux polish I brought was ‘Mint Convertible’image-1
Which is a really light mint green polish and as I only own OPI ‘Mermaid’s Tears’ I knew it would be a must have polish to buy!

Now the thing with all of these polishes that are creme’s are really opaque within two coats. And as you can see gorgeous colours. Now I don’t own CND Vinylux weekly topcoat and I used Seche Vite on top of all these mani’s which seemed to work just fine.

When it comes to purchasing these products it is properly best to go to your local salon to see if you can buy any rather than looking on ebay or amazon as with CND products there are so many fakes out there, there is never any guarantee that you are purchasing the real deal. But if your local nail salon does Shellac services and you know them to be genuine you could also ask them about stocking Vinylux or perhaps where you could purchase them yourself.

I know I will be certainly buying more Vinylux as I am really impressed with their polishes so far and like with all other nail polish companies they bring out new collections every season.

March Nailart Challenge-day 25-Match Outfit Of The Day

match ootd paws

So for the 25th March the challenge was to do some nails to match your outfit of the day, as during this day I wore an outfit I’d worn previously for another Match OOTD a couple of months ago I waited till the evening and decided to do some nails to match my pyjamas.

So I used OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ as a base and Essie ‘Lapis Of Luxury’ for the paws, which I created using a double ended dotting tool.

Then I topped my nails with Seche Vite.

Carabella Lacquer ‘Rainy Food 2’ Swatch Watch

So as I have mentioned before I was chosen by the lovely Cara, the maker and creator of Carabella Lacquer a new UK Indie polish line, to swatch some of her first and new collection.

Her first collection was inspired by the movie ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2’ and the title of the collection is ‘Rainy Food 2’.


So she sent me two mini bottles from the collection and I was very excited to receive ‘Barry’ based on Barry the Strawberry, and ‘Barb’ based on Barb the orangutan.

So here is ‘Barry’.
This polish is a gorgeous pink polish with a hint of sparkle!

Then on top of ‘Barry’ I placed ‘Barb’.
This polish is an amazing glitter bomb topper, just fun filled and completely like Barb herself who also loves a bit of nail art!

To look at the rest of the collection and to buy go to

Cherry Nails


These nails were inspired by @newlypolished from about half a year ago, which I also did then too but I decided to redo them anyways, but I wasn’t too happy with them again.

I used OPI ‘Mermaid Tears’ as my base, ‘Alpine Snow’ for the polka dots, ‘Big Apple Red’ and ‘Green-wich Village’ for the cherries.

March Nailart Challenge-day 22-Spring Nails


For this days nail art challenge I decided to recreate a mani I did almost a year ago that was inspired by @kaitlinferland.

So for this mani I used Essie’s ‘Borrowed & Blue’ as my base, then OPI ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’, ‘I Theodora You’ and ‘Strawberry Margarita’ for the roses, and OPI ‘Green-wich Village’ and China Glaze ‘Grass Is Lime Greener’ for the stems and leaves.

I then topped them with Seche Vite.

Although these look rather different from my first mani last year inspired by Kaitlin, I kind of feel like they became my own, what do you think?

March Nailart Challenge-day 20-Daisy Nails

mint daisies

So as you may know daisy nail art is one of my favourite looks to create, along with leopard print, as they are so easy and quick and can have so many different colour ways.

So for the start of spring I wanted to use some lovely pastel colours.

I used China Glaze ‘At Vase Value’ as my base, then OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ and ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ for the daisies and dots.

I used a rather large dotting tool as well for these nails to cover a large area, the smaller your nails the smaller your dotting tool should be.

I then topped them all with Seche Vite.