March Nailart Challenge-Day 4-Ombre


For yesterday’s challenge the theme was ombre, now I know some people do what I call a gradient as ombre, and its really up to you what you want to call them but to me a gradient is where you use two or three colours on the same nail creating a graduation of colour, where as an ombre is where you have one colour in a variety of shades on different nails.

So I chose pink as my colour and used China Glaze ‘Spring In My Step’ on my pinkie and for the barbie logo, OPI ‘Got A Date To Knight’ on my ring finger, ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ on my middle finger, ‘Shorts Story’ on my index and ‘Strawberry Margarita’ on my thumb nail and for the Barbie lettering.

For the accent nails for the Barbie logos I used a Fine detailing paintbrush by Citadel, available in the UK from Gamesworshop.

I then finished them all off with Seche Vite.


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