OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection Swatch Watch


So I was lucky enough to get the whole New Muppets collection by OPI yesterday so of course I had to swatch them all.

So first up is Int’l Crime Caper.
Which is a sheer pearl polish, that I wasn’t that fussed about but I actually really liked!

Next is Muppets World Tour.
Which is a glitter polish jammed packed with silver and white glitters along with some gold, pink and blue glitters too.

Next is Kermit Me To Speak.
Which is a duo chrome polish which is very similar to ‘Next Stop The Bikini Zone’ from the Brazil collection, and although it looks kinda of a green duo chrome in the bottle it is a lot more purple.

Next is Miss Piggy’s Big Number.
Which is a blue duo chrome polish and genuinely just beautiful.

Next is Chillin Like Villian.
Which is a light peach polish and one of the ones I was most excited about getting!!

Next is Gaining Mole-mentum.
Which is a flake like glitter polish full of silver, gold and rose gold coloured glitter. Again this is another one I was so excited to receive as it’s so unique and just gorgeous.

Next is I Love Applause.
Which is a baby pink crelly polish and just lovely, again this was another polish I was excited to get as its just so pretty!

And finally we have Let’s Do Anything We Want!
Which is another glitter polish which has tiny white and pink glitter and also some larger square white glitters.

So there you have all of the polishes from the new Muppets Most Wanted collection I hope you like them as I sure do!!


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