OPI Swatch Comparison

So this is just a quick post about one of the new Muppets Most Wanted polishes compared to an OPI Brazil polish which are very similar.


So on my pinkie and middle finger is ‘Next Stop The Bikini Zone’ from the Brazil collection and on my ring and index finger is ‘Kermit Me To Speak’ from the Muppets Most Wanted collection.

So as you can see there are only the slightest differences between the two polishes, Bikini Zone has more of a shimmer to it and it definitely more purple where as Kermit is more green and a pure duo chrome.

So I hope this quick swatch has helped you either deciding which polish to get or if you need both if you already own one?


2 thoughts on “OPI Swatch Comparison

  1. Thanks for the comparison! I personally don’t like either very much and already have Katy Perry Just Like The Movies (which again I think is going to be similar). I love OPI but why have they released all these dupey polishes recently?! lovely nails chica!

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