Gradient and Mosaic Nails

mosaic and gradient

For this cute and detailed mani I used Essie ‘Borrowed & Blue’ and ‘Lapis Of Luxury’, Vinylux ‘Cake Pop’ and ‘Azure Wish’, OPI ‘No Room For The Blues’, ‘Rumples Wiggin’, Sparrow Me The Drama’, ‘Kiss Me I’m Brazilian’, ‘A Grape Fit’, ‘You’re Such A Budapest’, and ‘Lady In Black’ and China Glaze ‘At Vase Value’ and ‘Lotus Begin’.

Firstly I did the gradient nails using At Vase Value, Azure Wish and No Room For The Blues for my pinkie, Rumples Wiggin, You’re Such A Budapest and Lapis of Luxury for my index finger and Cake Pop, Sparrow Me The Drama, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian and A Grape Fit for my thumbnail.

Then for the mosaic nails I painted on the black lines first then randomly filled them in with the colours and went over the black lines if needed and finally topped them all with Seche Vite.


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