Archive | June 2014

Sunflower Nails


For another nail art challenge in May the theme was sunflowers but I wasn’t that struck with these, they didn’t come out how I planned.

I used OPI ‘Taupe-less Beach’ as my base, ‘Alpine Snow’, ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’, ‘I Just Can’t Cope-acabana’ and Vinylux ‘Sun Bleached’.


May Nailart Challenge-day 25-fruit nails

andy warhol banana

For one of the last days of May the theme was fruit nails so I decided to do some Andy Warhol inspired nails.

I used OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ as my base and acrylic paints for the banana.

Nautical Tattoo Nails

nautical tattoos

For another challenge in May the theme was nautical so I decided to do some tattoo nails based on the anchor tattoo on my foot, and the future nautical tattoos I want such as the sparrow and compass.

I used OPI ‘Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around’ and acrylic paints.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Nails


As one of my clients has recently asked me if I could do some Ariel nails I decided to try them out first because I had never attempted them before and I must say I was extremely pleased with the results!

I used all acrylic paints for these nails and chose different songs in the movie, on my index finger is “Part Of Your World”, middle finger is “Part Of Your World Reprise”, ring finger is when she is singing to Eric on the beach after saving him and my pinkie finger is “Kiss the Girl”.

One Stroke Rose Nails

one stroke roses

For a collaboration with some other nail friends I created these one stroke red rose nails.

I used OPI ‘I Love Applause’ and ‘Intl Crime Caper’ as my base and acrylic paints for the one stroke roses.

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet Nails


For one of the challenges for May the theme was Dinosaur nails so a I’m a huge Mcfly fan I thought I would recreate the front cover of Tom Fletcher’s and Dougie Poynter’s book ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet’ illustrated by Garry Parsons.


Firstly I used OPI ‘Lady In Black’ as my base and using a makeup sponge created a galaxy effect then I used acrylic paints for the dinosaur.