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OPI Nordic Mini Collection Swatches

So I had a look at the whole Nordic collection by OPI and thought that most of them seemed really similar to others I have so I decided to get the mini set that had the best colours in to try out!

So to start off we have My Dogsled Is A Hybrid.
And it’s this great mint green colour and really quite bright and I love it, it really is a must have from this collection as I think it’s a better colour than some of OPI’s other mint polishes.

Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm?.
So this polish is a wonderful purple colour and reminds me of Tomorrow Never Dies without the shimmer and colour shift, and is a perfect Cadbury’s purple.

How Great Is Your Dane?.
This colour was one I was actually looking forward to trying as I don’t have any chocolate like colours which is an outrage! And it’s a lowly dark brown and perfect for winter!

And lastly we have My Voice Is A Little Norse over the previous shade.
So this is a great glitter topper and glitter polish, I think this will be great over gradients etc too.

So out of the new collection I would definitely say these are the best 4 and I would actually buy these full size too.


OPI Neon Collection Swatches

So another new OPI collection out recently was the Neon collection and once again I got the mini collection but have then afterwards brought some of the full sized bottles as I really liked this collection!

So to start off we have Juice Bar Hopping.
juice bar hopping
So this bright neon orange is great apart from the fact it stained my nails which makes me not want to use it, but you are meant to wear these colours over white polish so they pop more so I have yet to check if they stain over white polish!

Life Gave Me Lemons.
life gave me lemons
So this was one shade I was really excited about but it’s less yellow than I was hoping for, yet I love it! But once again it stained my nails, but I haven’t tried it over white yet.

You Are So Outta Lime.
you're so outta lime
This was another one I was excited to receive from this collection and I love it, it’s a great green! And this one doesn’t stain! Yay!

Push & Pur-pull.
push & pur-pull
So this one I have tried over white, although not pictured, and its a really nice neon purple! Bit jelly like but three coats is more than enough and definitely looks better over the white.

Hotter Than You Pink.
hotter thn you pink
So this one was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to be shimmery, but it’s got a purple like shift and is super pretty and bright and I love it! Would look even more intense over white too!

And finally we have Down To The Core-al.
down to the core-al
I think it’s safe to say this is my favourite in the collection, it doesn’t stain, has a slight colour shift and is so bright and wonderful!

So I’m hoping to get all this collection in full sized bottle but at the moment only have 4! Hope you liked this post!

OPI Coca Cola Collection Swatch Comparisons

So this post is to show the new OPI Coca Cola shade compared to some older OPI polishes.

Starting off with Coca Cola Red.
ccr comparison
So the new shade is on my middle finger and compared to Big Apple red on my ring and Over & Over A Gwen (from the Gwen Stefani collection) its not as dark or as pink. And compared to Red Hot Rio (from the Brazil collection) its a lot lighter which made my wonder if it would be close to some other shades so I did a second comparison with CCR.
ccr and rr comparison
So I put CCR on my pinkie and middle fingers and compared to Race Red (from the Mustang collection) it’s slightly darker and more pink, then compared to Cajun Shrimp its a lot darker and more red!

Next up is A Grape Affair.
aga comparison
So as I said in my previous post I mentioned that this shade was identical to Vant To Bite My Neck (from the Euro Centrale collection) and you can see it is, there is no difference at all, they are complete dupes of each other.

Next is Get Cherried Away.
gca comparison
So I thought this shade looked very similar to Casino Royale (from the Bond collection) but actually there is a slight difference but not a lot, and I also tried out Miami Beet against it too but they are completely different!

Next up is Orange You Stylish.
oys comparison
So like I said previously I thought it was really similar to a shade I already have In My Back Pocket but actually it’s a little bit brighter than that but I wouldn’t go out and buy the full size, and then I also compared it to Where Did Suzi’s Man Go? (from the Brazil collection) which is more pastel than OYS.

Next is Sorry I’m Fizzy Today.
sift comparison
So I wanted to compare this to a few polishes I thought were similar, starting with Kiss Me I’m Brazilian (from the Brazil collection) on my pinkie which is more of a bubblegum pink shade, Suzi’s Hungary Again! (from the Euro Centrale collection) on my ring which is a lot brighter, and My Address Is Hollywood which is brighter and more coral like, so SIFT is the palest out of the lot which was surprising.

And next we have Turn On The Haute Light.
tothl comparison
So I wanted to compare this to two silver polishes not for colour but for finishes mainly. Starting with This Gown Needs A Crown (from the Miss Universe collection) which is a satin finish and looks different to TOTHL, and then against Push and Shove (from the Gwen Stefani collection) which is a chrome finish also looks a lot different but they are all the same shade.

And lastly we have You’re So Vain-illa.
ysv comparison
So I wanted to compare this to Did You Ear About Van Gogh? which as you can see is a lot more stone like and darker than YSV.

So I hope you liked these comparisons and look out for a lot more posts!

OPI Coca Cola Collection Swatches

So the other OPI Collection out recently was the Coca Cola collection, now I only brought the 10 pack of style mini collection at first to try them all out as some seemed similar to what I already have, then I went onto buy the red and silver in the large bottles as I loved them! I will also post some comparisons too in my next post!

So to start off is the amazing Coca Cola Red:
coca cola red
This is the perfect red in my opinion! It’s slightly pinky but is just great I love it and had to buy it in full size too because I knew my clients would like to wear it too! A must have in the collection in my opinion too!

Today I Accomplished Zero:
today i accomplished zero
So this reminds me of Mariah Carey’s “Stay The Night” liquid sand polish but it’s not textured! a great black polish with red flecks in it and great for winter I think.

Turn On The Haute Light (My Signature Is DC in the US)
turn on the haute light
Once again a great polish in this collection that I just had to buy the full size bottle because this is the perfect silver! Its just so great not too glittery and lovely and light too!

You’re So Vain-illa
youre so vainilla
So this is just a lovely polish in general, it’s application is nice, the colour is nice, it’s just nice. I wouldn’t buy it full size as I don’t tend to wear a lot of vanilla type colours and believe it’s quite similar to “My Vampire Is Buff” but I don’t have that polish anymore so couldn’t compare. But it is a really great polish!

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today
sorry im fizzy today
Once again a great polish, the pink is so pretty and a lovely creme too!

Get Cherried Away
get cherried away
This is a lovely polish and opaque in two coats but too similar to other colours I already have so wouldn’t buy in full size, but it’s a nice colour.

Green On The Runway
green on the runway
Now this is a really unusual polish for me, I wouldn’t have picked it up but I kinda like it, and kinda don’t. I’m not sure it suits me but the colour shift is really great!

A Grape Affair
a grape affair
Now this is a nice polish but it’s identical to “Vant To Bite My Neck” so I wouldn’t buy full size but if you missed the Euro Centrale collection you could get this instead as it’s a lovely dark purple.

And finally we have Orange You Stylish (which is the US is a completely different polish!)
orange you stylish
So once again this is a similar polish to one I already have and I’m glad that this is the polish it is and not the one the US have which is a horrible orange and black type glitter! But a good orange polish for your collection.

So look out for the comparisons I took for some of these polishes!!

OPI Mustang Collection

Hi everyone I’m back! And hopefully have a bit of time to spare to start posting again as I’ve got a lot of nail polish swatches to upload! I also have a lot of nail art which I haven’t been able to post so I will try and post as much as possible I promise!

So to start with I want to show you some of the OPI Mustang collection which as far as I know isn’t available in the UK yet but will be launched soon, I got one of these a while ago from a friend in Canada and another I got off of someone who had got them from America I believe! So let’s get started.

Race Red
Race red
This is an orangey red polish and is a wonderful colour in general, I was really impressed by this and I think would suit many skin tones as I have worn it when I’ve been pale and when I’ve been tanned so definitely a must have from the collection I think.

Angel With A Leadfoot
angel with a leadfoot
This is a white polish and is opaque in two coats so is a lovely white polish, but to be honest even though white is staple I don’t see what is different between this and Alpine Snow.

Queen Of The Road
queen of the road
So this is a black/charcoal grey polish with a grey shimmer to it and I think will be great for winter as its slightly better than a basic black but has a nice finish to it too.

The Sky’s My Limit
the skys my limit
So again I think this is a must have in this collection, a sparkly, shimmer blue polish that is just great! I loved it and wore it for two days and got a lot of compliments on the colour! Definitely unusual too and reminds me of China Glaze’s “So Blue Without You” which is a nightmare to remove whereas this isn’t and doesn’t stain!

I hope you liked my first post back! I’ll try and post a lot over the next week as the following week I’m away on holiday but I hope to be back after that for good! Have a good one x

Sorry I’ve been MIA

I’m sorry to say due to work and hobby commitments I have neglected my blog and cannot say when I will have time to return but in the meantime I am always posting on instagram so please go follow me there for updates!! I will return once things settle down! And thank you for being here to read this!!!