OPI Coca Cola Collection Swatch Comparisons

So this post is to show the new OPI Coca Cola shade compared to some older OPI polishes.

Starting off with Coca Cola Red.
ccr comparison
So the new shade is on my middle finger and compared to Big Apple red on my ring and Over & Over A Gwen (from the Gwen Stefani collection) its not as dark or as pink. And compared to Red Hot Rio (from the Brazil collection) its a lot lighter which made my wonder if it would be close to some other shades so I did a second comparison with CCR.
ccr and rr comparison
So I put CCR on my pinkie and middle fingers and compared to Race Red (from the Mustang collection) it’s slightly darker and more pink, then compared to Cajun Shrimp its a lot darker and more red!

Next up is A Grape Affair.
aga comparison
So as I said in my previous post I mentioned that this shade was identical to Vant To Bite My Neck (from the Euro Centrale collection) and you can see it is, there is no difference at all, they are complete dupes of each other.

Next is Get Cherried Away.
gca comparison
So I thought this shade looked very similar to Casino Royale (from the Bond collection) but actually there is a slight difference but not a lot, and I also tried out Miami Beet against it too but they are completely different!

Next up is Orange You Stylish.
oys comparison
So like I said previously I thought it was really similar to a shade I already have In My Back Pocket but actually it’s a little bit brighter than that but I wouldn’t go out and buy the full size, and then I also compared it to Where Did Suzi’s Man Go? (from the Brazil collection) which is more pastel than OYS.

Next is Sorry I’m Fizzy Today.
sift comparison
So I wanted to compare this to a few polishes I thought were similar, starting with Kiss Me I’m Brazilian (from the Brazil collection) on my pinkie which is more of a bubblegum pink shade, Suzi’s Hungary Again! (from the Euro Centrale collection) on my ring which is a lot brighter, and My Address Is Hollywood which is brighter and more coral like, so SIFT is the palest out of the lot which was surprising.

And next we have Turn On The Haute Light.
tothl comparison
So I wanted to compare this to two silver polishes not for colour but for finishes mainly. Starting with This Gown Needs A Crown (from the Miss Universe collection) which is a satin finish and looks different to TOTHL, and then against Push and Shove (from the Gwen Stefani collection) which is a chrome finish also looks a lot different but they are all the same shade.

And lastly we have You’re So Vain-illa.
ysv comparison
So I wanted to compare this to Did You Ear About Van Gogh? which as you can see is a lot more stone like and darker than YSV.

So I hope you liked these comparisons and look out for a lot more posts!


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