OPI Coca Cola Collection Swatches

So the other OPI Collection out recently was the Coca Cola collection, now I only brought the 10 pack of style mini collection at first to try them all out as some seemed similar to what I already have, then I went onto buy the red and silver in the large bottles as I loved them! I will also post some comparisons too in my next post!

So to start off is the amazing Coca Cola Red:
coca cola red
This is the perfect red in my opinion! It’s slightly pinky but is just great I love it and had to buy it in full size too because I knew my clients would like to wear it too! A must have in the collection in my opinion too!

Today I Accomplished Zero:
today i accomplished zero
So this reminds me of Mariah Carey’s “Stay The Night” liquid sand polish but it’s not textured! a great black polish with red flecks in it and great for winter I think.

Turn On The Haute Light (My Signature Is DC in the US)
turn on the haute light
Once again a great polish in this collection that I just had to buy the full size bottle because this is the perfect silver! Its just so great not too glittery and lovely and light too!

You’re So Vain-illa
youre so vainilla
So this is just a lovely polish in general, it’s application is nice, the colour is nice, it’s just nice. I wouldn’t buy it full size as I don’t tend to wear a lot of vanilla type colours and believe it’s quite similar to “My Vampire Is Buff” but I don’t have that polish anymore so couldn’t compare. But it is a really great polish!

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today
sorry im fizzy today
Once again a great polish, the pink is so pretty and a lovely creme too!

Get Cherried Away
get cherried away
This is a lovely polish and opaque in two coats but too similar to other colours I already have so wouldn’t buy in full size, but it’s a nice colour.

Green On The Runway
green on the runway
Now this is a really unusual polish for me, I wouldn’t have picked it up but I kinda like it, and kinda don’t. I’m not sure it suits me but the colour shift is really great!

A Grape Affair
a grape affair
Now this is a nice polish but it’s identical to “Vant To Bite My Neck” so I wouldn’t buy full size but if you missed the Euro Centrale collection you could get this instead as it’s a lovely dark purple.

And finally we have Orange You Stylish (which is the US is a completely different polish!)
orange you stylish
So once again this is a similar polish to one I already have and I’m glad that this is the polish it is and not the one the US have which is a horrible orange and black type glitter! But a good orange polish for your collection.

So look out for the comparisons I took for some of these polishes!!


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