OPI Mustang Collection

Hi everyone I’m back! And hopefully have a bit of time to spare to start posting again as I’ve got a lot of nail polish swatches to upload! I also have a lot of nail art which I haven’t been able to post so I will try and post as much as possible I promise!

So to start with I want to show you some of the OPI Mustang collection which as far as I know isn’t available in the UK yet but will be launched soon, I got one of these a while ago from a friend in Canada and another I got off of someone who had got them from America I believe! So let’s get started.

Race Red
Race red
This is an orangey red polish and is a wonderful colour in general, I was really impressed by this and I think would suit many skin tones as I have worn it when I’ve been pale and when I’ve been tanned so definitely a must have from the collection I think.

Angel With A Leadfoot
angel with a leadfoot
This is a white polish and is opaque in two coats so is a lovely white polish, but to be honest even though white is staple I don’t see what is different between this and Alpine Snow.

Queen Of The Road
queen of the road
So this is a black/charcoal grey polish with a grey shimmer to it and I think will be great for winter as its slightly better than a basic black but has a nice finish to it too.

The Sky’s My Limit
the skys my limit
So again I think this is a must have in this collection, a sparkly, shimmer blue polish that is just great! I loved it and wore it for two days and got a lot of compliments on the colour! Definitely unusual too and reminds me of China Glaze’s “So Blue Without You” which is a nightmare to remove whereas this isn’t and doesn’t stain!

I hope you liked my first post back! I’ll try and post a lot over the next week as the following week I’m away on holiday but I hope to be back after that for good! Have a good one x


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