OPI Neon Collection Swatches

So another new OPI collection out recently was the Neon collection and once again I got the mini collection but have then afterwards brought some of the full sized bottles as I really liked this collection!

So to start off we have Juice Bar Hopping.
juice bar hopping
So this bright neon orange is great apart from the fact it stained my nails which makes me not want to use it, but you are meant to wear these colours over white polish so they pop more so I have yet to check if they stain over white polish!

Life Gave Me Lemons.
life gave me lemons
So this was one shade I was really excited about but it’s less yellow than I was hoping for, yet I love it! But once again it stained my nails, but I haven’t tried it over white yet.

You Are So Outta Lime.
you're so outta lime
This was another one I was excited to receive from this collection and I love it, it’s a great green! And this one doesn’t stain! Yay!

Push & Pur-pull.
push & pur-pull
So this one I have tried over white, although not pictured, and its a really nice neon purple! Bit jelly like but three coats is more than enough and definitely looks better over the white.

Hotter Than You Pink.
hotter thn you pink
So this one was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to be shimmery, but it’s got a purple like shift and is super pretty and bright and I love it! Would look even more intense over white too!

And finally we have Down To The Core-al.
down to the core-al
I think it’s safe to say this is my favourite in the collection, it doesn’t stain, has a slight colour shift and is so bright and wonderful!

So I’m hoping to get all this collection in full sized bottle but at the moment only have 4! Hope you liked this post!


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