OPI Nordic Mini Collection Swatches

So I had a look at the whole Nordic collection by OPI and thought that most of them seemed really similar to others I have so I decided to get the mini set that had the best colours in to try out!

So to start off we have My Dogsled Is A Hybrid.
And it’s this great mint green colour and really quite bright and I love it, it really is a must have from this collection as I think it’s a better colour than some of OPI’s other mint polishes.

Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm?.
So this polish is a wonderful purple colour and reminds me of Tomorrow Never Dies without the shimmer and colour shift, and is a perfect Cadbury’s purple.

How Great Is Your Dane?.
This colour was one I was actually looking forward to trying as I don’t have any chocolate like colours which is an outrage! And it’s a lowly dark brown and perfect for winter!

And lastly we have My Voice Is A Little Norse over the previous shade.
So this is a great glitter topper and glitter polish, I think this will be great over gradients etc too.

So out of the new collection I would definitely say these are the best 4 and I would actually buy these full size too.


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