Cath Kidston Inspired Gel Nails


I saw my friend today and did her nails with OpiGelcolor in Russian Navy and added polka dots, Stripes and flowers on top with nail polish for a Cath Kidston inspired look.


First Gel Extensions

So today I did my first full set of Uv Gel extensions on a real person! My sister in law was more than happy to be my first paying customer and chose the nail art design from one of my pictures.

Here is a picture of her nails after I had prepped them


Then here is a picture of her nails after I had completed the extensions, blending in the tips and adding the buff off uv gel and filing to shape.


Then finally here is the picture once I had completely finished her nails by painting her nails and doing art free handed using Barry M’s ‘Blueberry Ice’ and OPI’s ‘Alpine Snow’ and ‘I Saw, U Saw, We Saw, Warsaw’.


Second OPI Gelcolor Manicure


So for my second set of OPI Gelcolor nails I did them on my mum using ‘Strawberry Margarita’ and decided to see how how using a coloured gel base and using nail polish for the art work on top.

So I did a full gel mani including topcoat and wipe off then I used ‘You’re Such A Budapest’ and ‘Lady In Black’ in nail polish for the leopard print, then I topped it all with Seche Vite.

So hopefully in two weeks time it should all be intact just with a bit of growth.

My First OPI Gelcolor Manicure

image (7)

Early this week I received my OPI Gelcolor starter training pack from Lena White the UK OPI stockists after booking a conversion course with them, so I had to do a manicure using it straight away and luckily my mother in law was around 🙂

Once again I won’t devulge my secrets but the colours I used were ‘I’m Not Really A Waitress’ the top selling OPI colour, ‘Strawberry Maragrita’ and ‘Funny Bunny’. I also tried to do some polka dots and daisies but unfortunately this didn’t really work as the gel spread too quickly so I think its going to be quite difficult to do nail art with the gel but stay tuned because I always have a plan B and am determined to use gels and nailart effectively together 🙂

The ‘I Couldn’t Be Bothered’ Mani

image (6)

So as I’ve said in some of my previous post my mum is now obsessed with me doing her nails, so when I saw her last week she asked me yet again to give her a manicure but for once I just wanted to do my own nails so I told her I would do something simple that even she could do and showed her how effect a glitter topcoat is.

So I used OPI’s ‘Planks A Lot’ for the lilac base which she loved then I added OPI’s ‘Lights Of The Emerald City’ and she said how good it was and how simple it was too, so for a moment of ‘I can’t be bothered’ actually educated my mum in glitter 🙂

Zebra Print For The Animal Print Lover


As my mum liked the leopard print nails so much I decided I would do her a different type of print. So I used OPI’s ‘Rising Star’ as a base and my nail art stripper to create the stripes. I also did a full manicure before this which once again my mum loved.

UV Gel Extensions

image (8)

So here is a picture of one of my practises during my gel extensions course day. I can’t devulge my secrets but all I can tell you is the key is blending in the tips which I know for a fact the oriental nail salons don’t do!

I will be performing these on some clients early May so keep an eye out for those 🙂