February Nailart Challenge- Day 25- Simple Nails


For this day of the challenge I used OPI ‘Yodel Me On My Cell’ as my base and simply added some triangular studs at my cuticle and added my favourite topcoat.


February Nailart Challenge-Day 23-Animal Print Nails


So for this day in the February challenge I decided to recreate some nails I did about Novemeber 2012 in which is incorporates leopard print and heart tips.

I used OPI ‘Tickle Me France-y’ as the base for the leopard print, ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby’ for the accent ring finger and the middle of the leopard print, ‘Lady In Black’ for the rest of the print and All That Jazz ‘Lousie’s- From Richies To Rubies’ for the accent heart thumb nail.

I then topped them all off with Seche Vite.

February Nailart Challenge- Day 9- Heart nails


I know that loads of people have been doing these this month and so I had to try it but it’s a lot more difficult than it looks!

Leopard prints are super easy and quick for me but having to incorporate the hearts was quite a challenge but I managed to do an ok job, and I know I will do better next time.

I used OPI ‘Live. Love. Carnival’ as my base, and ‘Kiss Me I’m Brazilian’ and ‘Lady In Black’ for the leopard print and hearts using different sized dotting tools.

I then topped my nails with my trusty Seche Vite.

February Nailart Challenge-Day 7-xoxo nails


For this theme I was really uninspired and wasn’t really sure what to do for these for a long time but eventually just settled on some simple noughts and crosses style nails.

I used OPI ‘Kiss Me I’m Brazilian’ for the majority of my nails and ‘Alpine Snow’ for my ring finger, ‘Lady In Black’ and ‘Red Hot Rio’ for the accent nail.

February Nailart Challenge-Day 4-Dots, Stripes and Red nails


As I was participating in a lot of nail art challenges this month I had to combine some themes for the 4th which resulted in some red Cath Kidston style nails.

I used Ciate’s ‘Boudoir’ as my base and OPI ‘Alpine Snow’, ‘I Theodora You’, ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ and ‘Green-Wich Village’ for the dots, stripes and flowers.

I topped them all with Seche Vite fast drying topcoat.