January nailart challenge- day 31- silver nails


For the final day of this challenge I decided to use a new polish by Opi from the new Gwen Stefani collection.

‘Push and Shove’ is a new formula which is a pure mirror chrome polish, you get a mini base coat to use underneath and it doesn’t need a topcoat and really does look like foil!


January nailart challenge-day 28-recreation


For this day of the challenge I decided to recreate a mani by @nailstorming from Instagram of a rainbow unicorn.

I used Opi’s ‘Alpine Snow’ as a base, then more Opi’s and Ciate polishes for the unicorn.

January nailart challenge- day 16- gradient nails


For this days theme I decided to mix things up a bit and do some butterfly wing nails ontop of the gradient.

I used F. U. N Lacquer’s ‘Aurora’ and ‘Rapunzel’ for the gradient and Opi’s ‘Lady In Black’ and ‘Alpine Snow’ for the wings. For the wings I used a small detailing paint brush and a dotting tool.

Then I topped them with Seche vite.

January nailart challenge- day 14- Nature


Day 14 of this months challenge was nature themed so I went for some nice simple roses on top of a thermal polish.

I used Lacquer Lust’s ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ as my thermal base which when cold (as pictured) it’s lilac and when it’s warm it’s pink!

I then used Opi’s ‘Got A Date To Knight’, ‘Shorts Story’ and ‘Green-Wich Village’ for the roses.

And topped them with Seche Vite.