Nail Art April Challenge-Day 30-Pastels

image (2)So again this was a result of wanting to use the same colours for the past few days. This is a saran wrap or cling film manicure in which I put a base colour of OPI’s ‘Steady As She Rose’ on my nails and waited for it to completely dry, then I painted over the top with ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ and quickly using a ball of cling film dabbed it onto the wet nail polish. I then topped it off with Seche Vite.


Nail Art April Challenge-Day 28-Galaxy

So I haven’t done a galaxy mani in a while because my first one was such a success I never tried it again funnily enough, so here was my second attempt at galaxy nails and to be honest I didn’t really like them but I know other people did.

I used OPI’s ‘Lady In Black’ ‘Alpine Snow’ and ‘You’re Such A Budapest’ and Barry M’s ‘Blueberry Ice’ with a makeup sponge.

Nail Art April Challenge-Day 25- Gold/Silver Nails


So for the 25th of the nail art April challenge the theme was gold or silver, so I decided to use a bit of both in this simple manicure.

Firstly I painted my nails using OPI’s ‘I Theodora You’ and topping it with Rimmel’s glitter topcoat ‘Disco Gold’, I then painted my tips in Barry M’s ‘Foil Gold’ and topped that off with Mavala’s ‘Sparkling Gold’ and finally finished it all off with Seche Vite.

Nail Art April Challenge- Day 22- Earth Day Nails


For this months nail challenge on day 22 the theme was Earth day as guess what it was Earth Day.

So I decided to do a space view of the Earth, the recycling sign and also a Union Jack, to show my love of my country who recycles almost everything!

I used Barry M’s ‘Emerald Green’ for the pinkie and thumb nail, and for the dark green used on the Earth and recycle sign, I also used 17 ‘Juicy’ for the recycle sign. I then used OPI’s ‘Eurso Euro’, ‘Big Apple Red’ and ‘Alpine Snow’ for the Union Jack and remainder of the Earth. I then topped my thumb and pinkie with OPI’s ‘Lights Of The Emerald City’.

I created all three of my accent nails but freehand painting them on with a small detailing paint brush.

Nail Art April Challenge- Day 16- Match OOTD


For this months challenge day 16 was match your outfit of the day and I was wearing one of my favourite tips from Zara which was inspired by Victoria Beckhams cat dresses.

So I used OPI’s ‘My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours’ as it was the perfect orange/red colour and then I hand painted the cat onto my middle nail using OPI’s ‘Alpine Snow’ and ‘Lady In Black’.