February Nailart Challenge-Day 28- Galaxy Nails


So for the second time this month I did some galaxy nailart.

I used OPI ‘Lady In Black’ as a base topped with China Glaze ‘Fairy Dust’. Then using a makeup sponge and China Glaze ‘Lotus Begin’ and ‘At Vase Value’ for the galaxy.

And finally used OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ for the stars which I did using a small dotting tool and a paintbrush.

I then topped them all with my favourite topcoat.


Nail Art February Challenge-Day28-Vintage

I think the last day of Californails nail art February challenge was really fitting as it was my birthday and one of my loves is vintage!

So I decided to do a mani I have be dying to do, unfortunately I didn’t have much time or patience to do it, and also forgot my top coat 😦


So I did some vintage flowers, dots and stripes.

I used Rimmels white polish as a base for all of them, OPI’s ‘My Address Is Hollywood’ as a base for the big flowers dots and tape mani, OPI’s ‘Big Apple Red’ for the flowers and OPI’s ‘Pompeii Purple’ as some dots in between the flowers.

I definately think I will re try this at some point as I think it will be more successful with my seche vite topcoat.

Nail Art February Challenge-Day 23- ombré nails


Now most people get confused with the term ombré and gradient. To me they are different effects on the nail but it may just be a difference in words from across the pond. So I’d like to be clear on what I mean by gradient and ombré.

Gradient to me means; on the same nails a change of colour using a make up sponge.

Ombré; different coloured nails that are all in colour order, light to dark.

So for this day in Californails nailartfeb challenge I used all OPI nail polish.

On my pinkie I used ‘My Boyfriend Scales Walls’ from the Spider-Man collection, ring finger is ‘Aphrodites Pink Nightie’ from the Greek Isles collection, middle finger is ‘Call Me Gwen-Ever’ from the Spider-Man collection, index finger is ‘Pompeii Purple’ and on my thumb was ‘Big Apple Red’

Nail Art February Challenge-day14- match outfit of the day

For Californails nailartfeb challenge the theme on Valentines day was to match your outfit of the day.

So for valentines day my boyfriend brought me a dress from primark that was a mint green colour with pink cherry blossoms on in a silk polyester fabric.


So I did my first cherry blossom nails, I used Barry M’s ‘Mint Green’ as a base, added La Colors ‘Green Tea’ over the top and using a striping brush in black I added the branches randomly.

I then used OPI’s ‘Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie’ with a large dotting tool to add the pink cherry blossoms.

Then added smaller blossoms with a smaller dotting tool using 17’s ‘Sweet Kisses’ on top and around the other blossoms.

Then I added a topcoat et voile it is fin!


I then took a picture of them both together for a comparison.


Nail Art February Challenge-day18-bows


For day 18 of Californails NailArtFeb challenge the theme is bows so I did this really late at night so wanted something quick and easy to do.

So I used OPI’s ‘The Thrill Of Brazil’ as a base on all nails, then used OPI’s ‘My Boyfriend Scales Walls’ to add the polka dots by using a dotting tool.

Then with white polish I painted on the now by having a square in the middle and dragging the line out towards the edge of the nail on both sides.

Once that had dried I used OPI’s ‘Russian Navy’ to outline the bow and add crease marks which a small detailing brush.

I then added a fast drying topcoat and it was finished.

I then also found that my nails matched my kindle cover 🙂


Nail Art February Challenge-Day 11-Candy

For day 11 of Californails the theme is candy so I decided to do love hearts sweets and they’re Valentines day themed.


So I painted each nail a different sweet colour, on my pinkie I used Barry M’s ‘Yellow’, on my ring finger I used Rimmels ‘Marshmallow Heaven’, on my middle finger I used Barry M’s ‘Mint Green’, on my index I used OPI’s ‘My Boyfriend Scales Walls’ and on my thumb I used OPI’s ‘My Address Is Hollywood’.

Then I got my thin detailing paint brush and used OPI’s ‘The Thrill Of Brazil’ and painted the outline of a heart on each nail and then in middle of the heart I wrote different love hearts sayings like ‘Hug Me’ and ‘I Love You’.

I then finished it off with a topcoat 🙂

I must say I didn’t keep this mani on for long as I wasn’t that fond on the outcome but as it was my first time using the detailing brush I cut myself some slack and know I will get better in time.

Nail Art February Challenge- Day 8-Smooches


For Day 8 of Califonails Nail art Feb Challenge the theme was Smooches, so I decided to create lipstick marks on all of my nails.

I used OPI’s ‘The Thrill Of Brazil’ as a base colour, and once that was dry got a dotting tool and used OPI’s ‘Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie’ to create the lips.

To do the lips I made five dots in an ‘M’ shape, and put them together like a dot to dot puzzle. Then I added a dot directly under the ‘M’ middle and created a semi cirle making the dots a bit smaller as it approached the sides of the ‘M’.

I finished it off with Seche Vite’s Fast Drying Topcoat.