Nail Art February Challenge-Day 6-XoXo


For the third Nail Art February challenge the theme was Xoxo, now I don’t know about you but whenever I hear this I think of gossip girl (you know you love me, xoxo Gossip girl) but I couldn’t think of what to do with that so I did the simplest thing I could do and painted my nails with OPI’s Pompeii Purple and used Sally Hansen’s black nail art pen to create the xoxo’s onto the nail. I also did some noughts and crosses (as in the game) onto the pinkie, middle and thumb.

This was very simple and quick as I really couldn’t think of what else to do but there are so many more that I’m way to excited about! So keep a look out 🙂


Nail Art February Challenge-Day 3-Flowers



For the second Nail Art Challenge day the theme was flowers, so I did one of my old favourite designs…….daisies.

I chose to use four of the OPI colours; The Thrill Of Brazil, Pompeii Purple, Aphrodites Pink Nightie and My Boyfriend Scales Walls. And I decided to do alternate nails which I loved!!

This mani looked so amazing that I kept it on for a week! The colours went so well together and well I’m always a sucker for red nail varnish.

I painted my left pinkie, middle and thumb using with Aphrodites Pink Nightie (which I must admit has to be one of my favourite polishes reminds me of a polish my nan wore all the time) and on my right ring finger and index. I then used The Thrill Of Brazil on the remaining fingers.

I used Pompeii Purple to create the flowers onto the Aphrodite nails with four dots, and did the same onto the Brazil nails using Aphrodite.

I then used My Boyfriend Scales Walls to add white dots into the middle of the flowers and to add smaller dots inbetween the design.

I topped it off with a topcoat. And the result was this beautiful mani done quickly.

Nail Art February Challenge-Day 1- Hearts


On Instagram Californails is holding a Nail Art Challenge for February and done it so that not everyday you have to do a new design, which I think is great as I always want to do the challenges but can’t as I don’t have time to do my nails every single day so this one is doable as there are two or three gaps. (Although I have found myself doing them early and taking a picture but not posting till the right day as I get bored and just want to do the designs I have in mind).

So Day 1 on the 1st February had the theme of hearts, and as February is the month of love with Valentines day coming up I have decided that for each mani I am going to use the same OPI colours: Aphrodites Pink Nightie, The Thrill Of Brazil, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Rosy Future, and Pompeii Purple, which are all pinks, reds and white.

So for my first day I chose to do several variations of hearts, on my pinkie I chose to use my Sally Hansen nail art pens to draw the heart, on my ring finger I chose to use my dotting tool to create the mini hearts inside the stripes, for my middle finger I did a simple tape mani, on my index finger I did hearts inside hearts which I did just using the nail polish brush, and on my thumb I again used my Sally Hansen pens to create the overlapping outline hearts.