Nail Art March Challenge-Day 31-Pastels


This was my manicure for day 31 of the nail art march challenge pastels theme.

I used Mavala’s ‘Fresh Melon’ on my pinkie, Barry M’s ‘Blueberry Ice’ on my ring finger, OPI’s ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ on my middle finger, Rimmel’s ‘Marshmallow Heaven’ on my index, and Barry M’s ‘Mint Green’ on my thumb.

I then used my Orly Matte Topcoat and once that had dried I used OPI’s ‘Bring On The Bling’ by using a small paint brush and creating the pyramid shape.


Nail Art March Challenge-Day 28-Floral


For day 28 of the nail art march challenge the theme was floral so I decided to use Barry M’s ‘Blue moon as a base as its a gorgeous pale blue.

Then I used a small paint brush and used OPI’s ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ for the base of the roses, ‘If You Moust You Moust’ for the darker pink and Barry M’s ‘Matte White’ for the highlighting detail. I then used 17’s’Juicy’ and Barry M’s ‘Emerald Green’ for the leaves.

This was a really successful manicure and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Nail Art March Challenge- Day 25-Sparkles


For the 25th day of the nail art march challenge the theme was sparkles so I decided to use OPI’s liquid sand ‘Can’t Let Go’ from the Mariah Carey Collection.

I love this colour it’s a gorgeous purple and the glitter is amazing there’s even little hexagons in there! I seriously suggest you get the Mariah Carey liquid sand collection if you love glitter polishes 🙂

Nail Art March Challenge-Day 19-Vintage Nails

image (5)

I have done a similar manicure to this one before but used different colours for each nails, so for the Nail Art March Challenge Day 19 I chose to redo the same design but with one solid base colour.

I chose OPI’s ‘Mermaid Tears’ as a base and used Barry M’s ‘Matte White’ to create the freehanded stripes and polka dots.

I then used OPI’s ‘I Theodora You’ and ‘California Raspbery’ for the flowers and Barry M’s ‘Emerald Green’ for the leaves.

Nail Art March Challenge-Day 17-St Patrick’s Day


For day 17 of the nail art march challenge I decided to do shamrocks (four leaf clovers) on my nails using 17’s ‘Juicy’ as a base and Barry M’s ‘Emerald Green’ for the shamrocks.

Then I used Barry M’s ‘Matte White’ as a base on my ring finger and added the dark green polish and OPI’s ‘Neon Orange’ in stripes for the Irish flag on an accent nail.

Nail Art March-Day 10-Colour Block

For the nail art march challenge day 10 the theme is colour block.

So I used Opi neon collection for some bright colours, using a small paint brush I painted on each square individually, and then used nail art striper black brush to create the bold black lines to separate the colours.

I then topped it with Seche Vite fast drying topcoat.