Gold Foiling


This was my first attempt at foils and although they looked great before I put on the topcoat, when I applied it they went all crinkly, and only lasted me a day as they got wrecked easily!

I brought a lot of various foils from eBay so am going to test it with some gel polish see if that lasts.


Horizontal Gradient

photo 2

For me this new style gradient manicure was a real nail fail!

I used the same gradient technique as I usually do (paint base white nails then sponge on the colours) but doing it in a different direction.

It may have failed because it was my first time doing so but I really didn’t like the outcome.

I used OPI’s ‘Can’t Find My Czechbook’ and ‘A Grape Fit’.

My First OPI Gelcolor Manicure

image (7)

Early this week I received my OPI Gelcolor starter training pack from Lena White the UK OPI stockists after booking a conversion course with them, so I had to do a manicure using it straight away and luckily my mother in law was around 🙂

Once again I won’t devulge my secrets but the colours I used were ‘I’m Not Really A Waitress’ the top selling OPI colour, ‘Strawberry Maragrita’ and ‘Funny Bunny’. I also tried to do some polka dots and daisies but unfortunately this didn’t really work as the gel spread too quickly so I think its going to be quite difficult to do nail art with the gel but stay tuned because I always have a plan B and am determined to use gels and nailart effectively together 🙂

Nail Fail

image (6)

This was a manicure I saw a tutorial on where you drop some polishes onto your nail and get some cling film/saran wrap or a plastic bag and place it on top to spread the polish around your nail.

I’ve seen a couple of people use this technique and use pastel polishes, so I decided to try it but using some dark ones. I used OPI’s ‘An Affair In Red Square’, ‘Diva in Geneva’ and ‘Russian Navy’.

Once I had done this I actually liked it but then I took a picture and realised it didn’t look as good as I thought it did, but thought I would post it any way to show you the technique, I may try it again at some point but for now this will be it.