Steel City Reflections Yukon Cornelius Christmas Duo

I was very kindly sent these two mini polishes by Tonja who makes Steelcity Reflection polishes and oh my she did not disappoint! She is the queen of glitters!

First up we have “Bumbles Bounce”.
Which is a silver jammed packed glitter polish and is opaque like this in two coats!!

Then we have “North Pole Gold”.
Which is a gold jammed packed glitter polish and again opaque like this is two coats.

The other glitter polish I have from Steel City Reflections is also opaque in a couple of coats which is glitter polish dreams!!

You can buy yours at


OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Mini Collection

So the new Gwen Stefani Holiday collection is out and I recently brought the mini set with 4 mini polishes from the collection in.

So starting with “Red Fingers & Mistletoes”.
Which is a glittery/shimmery ruby red polish and super pretty.

Next is “What’s Your Point-Settia?”.
A simple bright red which I think will be similar to other OPI Reds.

Next is “I Carol About You”.
This is a deep purple polish and is a bit of a dark cadburys purple colour which is great compared to the other dark purples recently launched.

And finally we have “Kiss Me Or Elf”.
And this is a dark cranberry purple colour and truly lovely.

I think the last two are must haves in the collection as they are unique to what OPI has brought out previously and I will try and get more from the collection to swatch too.

Steel City Reflections Nail Polish Swatches

So I had the pleasure of being chosen to swatch four of the new polishes by Steel City Reflection inspired by VSTL.

So to start with we have Sun Bleached Bones.
So this is a white polish with a touch of shimmer to it and although this is three coats you could definitely only wear two if you wanted.

Next is Aah Ringe Crush.
This is a pale orange polish which also has a slight shimmer to it and is perfect in two coats.

Next is Doo Mee.
This is a pink glitter polish and is my favourite! This is three coats and is just so sparkly!

Lastly is Mr. Watts’ Heart.
This is a black polish with the shimmer in it too and is a great on for autumn!

All of these polishes are now available to buy from

Echoes Polish Thermal Polish

So once again I brought from Echoes Polish, to buy click here and this time I brought the thermal polish mini trio.

So to start with I got Bruises.
As you can see it changes from a blue (bottom left) when hot and to a purple (bottom right) when cold.

Next is Ferngully.
This is a green polish when warm (bottom left) and a forest green when cold (bottom right).

And finally we have Suckerpunch.
Which when warm is a pink colour (bottom left) and when cold is a purple colour (bottom right).

So I really like all of these polishes, they’re all beautiful colours and are opaque in two coats!

Echoes Polish I’m Pretty Neutral Collection


So recently I found a new Canadian Indie polish company called Echoes Polish and saw they’re upcoming I’m Pretty Neutral collection. So I got in contact and asked about swatching for them. I paid for all these polishes with my own money but they sent me them ahead of the release for me to be the first one to try them out for them.

So let’s start with “Barely There”.
This is a creamy nude jelly polish with a shimmer to it that features in all this collection. This is 3 coats for full coverage but it’s a great formula.

Next is “I’m Blushing”.
This is a pale pink polish but this is only two coats! And again has the shimmer in.

Next is “Mauve Over”.
This is like it says a mauve coloured polish, and is one of my favourites from the collection. This is two coats and has the shimmer to it too.

Next is “Still A Colour”.
This is a grey polish with the same shimmer in it and is opaque in two coats.

Next is “Spearmint Away”.
This is a a great dark mint coloured polish with that special shimmer in it,and I doubt you could find this colour main stream, it’s very unique.

Next is “Off Colour Joke”.
This is a grey/brown polish, a great one for autumn.

Next up is “Ta Da”.
This is a tan polish and actually the best tan I’ve seen!!

And lastly is “Who Do You See?”
This is my first chocolate polish and I love the shimmer in this, really sets it apart from others I think.

All in all I am in love with all of these and do have favourites but I must say I’m super impressed with Echoes Polish and have already purchased more!

You can buy yours at

Princess collection comparisons

So from the new Princess 2.0 collection by F.U.N Lacquer there were a few polishes I also managed to get from last years original collection so I wanted to show you the comparisons.

Starting off with Aurora.
So I have the new shade on my ring and index fingers and last years shade on my middle and pinkie. As you can see there is a difference in colour completely, the older one is more of a dusky pink and the new one is a lot brighter. Both are super sparkly and I couldn’t say which one I prefer as they are both gorgeous.

Next is Cinderella.
Once again the new shade is on my ring and index finger and the old shade on my middle and pinkie fingers. And again you can see the new shade is a lot brighter than the older one. I think both shades are great too.

Lastly is Rapunzel.
Again the new shade is on my ring and index fingers and the older shade is on my pinkie and middle fingers. And again the new shade is a lot darker than the old one.

I hope you liked this post, unfortunately the old shades have all been discontinued but the new ones are available from if you’re in the UK or from who posts internationally.

Princess Collection 2.0 Swatch Watch

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks I’ve been on holiday and got back earlier this week! So thought I’d start off by showing you these swatches I did a couple of weeks ago for the new Princess 2.0 collection from F.U.N Lacquer. I’ll show you in chronological order from when the Disney films came out.

So to start off with we have Snow White (1937).
This is a pale grey/ white holographic polish which is so lovely and simple, really subtle sparkles too I would say.

Cinderella (1950).
This is a bright blue holographic polish and I will show the comparison with last years Cinderella in my next post.

Aurora (1959).
This is a bright pink holographic polish and again I’ll show a comparison of last years Aurora in my next post.

Ariel (1989).
This is a dark sea green holographic polish and is one of my favourites from the collection.

Belle (1991).
This is a gold holographic polish.

Jasmine (1992).
This is a teal blue holographic polish and is also a favourite of mine from the collection because of the unique colour.

Pocahontas (1995).
This is a bronze coloured holographic polish.

Mulan (1998).
This is a nude coloured holographic polish and is another favourite of mine from the collection.

Tiana (2009).
This is a bright green holographic polish.

Rapunzel (2010).
This is a purple holographic polish and I this is will also be on my comparison post with last years Rapunzel.

Merida (2012).
This is a polish I would call auburn coloured just like Merida’s hair.

Anna (2013).
The last in the collection is a cornflower blue coloured holographic and brand new to the collection as it was not featured in last year’s.

I hope you like this post I will try and post something every night if I can as I have a lot to catch up on. These are all available from if you’re in the UK or from who posts internationally.