Squarletto/Ballerina/Coffin Shape Nails

So a couple of days ago I saw some great nail pictures by a nail tech and really liked the shape of the nails she had done, I’ve seen the nail shape loads before and know that one of the youtuber/bloggers I follow has gone for this nail shape and I really liked it.

So I decided to take the plunge and try something different. So I cut off my natural nails and did some gel sculpted extensions for my new nail shape.

I did them quite long as I thought if I didn’t like them I could always file them down and shape into almond/stiletto again, but I must say I am really loving this new nail shape.

coffin matte nails

These are the finished product, I used All That Jazz ‘Check Out My Melody’ and OPI Matte Topcoat to finish them off.

The nail shape is a mix between a square and stiletto shape as they are curved in as you would with a stiletto but then they have a squared off tip. I think this is the closest I will ever get to a square nail shape but I like the fact these are quite slim.

Nothing will ever take the place of the stiletto/almond shape but these are a nice change and I will certainly keep them for a while. What do you think of my new shape?


Carabella Lacquer Polish


A month of so ago I was chosen by the lovely Cara, the creator and maker of Carabella Lacquer a new indie polish coming out soon, to swatch her whole new collection.

So this is just an update of the progress and I will hopefully be receiving the collection in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye for my swatch watch post.

P.S The theme for her first and new collection is based on Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 movie!

OPI Brazil Collection

Just to let you all know I have the whole 12 shades of this collection on its way to me so keep your eyes peeled for my swatch watch post of all 12 polishes!! I’m super excited as I love the look of this collection, here’s a little taster photo of what will be coming.


Missing In Action

I am so sorry for my recent absence from blogging, I have been extremely busy working in an office and then starting up in a salon doing nails!!

I hope you all forgive me so here is a preview of what to expect some time next week when I return fully!!


I have just brought the entire OPI San Fransciso Collection so once it has been delivered I shall be swatching for you!! I’ve been so anxious to get my hands on this collection as they have such a nice variety of new autumn shades, so keep a look out!!

Opi Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection

photo (2)

This is an older collection that I have always had a few off in Mini’s or the larger bottles but I have never owned all four so thought it was about time I did!

I already owned Nothin’ Mousie About it and a mini bottle of I’m All Ears and knew how much I liked both of these that I wouldn’t regret getting the rest.

So from left to right:
I’m All Ears-a jelly shimmery bright pink colour
If You Moust You Moust-a pink colour
The Colour Of Minnie-a red colour with a pink sheen
Nothin’ Mousie About It-a pink glitter with heart pieces

Although you may have seen some of these colours used in my nail art recently I will still do a swatch watch post showing all four.

I also think that OPI are going to bring out a new Minnie Mouse collection this year and I cannot wait to get it!!

Opi Pirates Of The Caribbean Collection

photo (1)

This is an older collection from OPI which I believe came out in 2011 but is still very popular now mainly because of Mermaid tears and Sparrow Me The Drama. I started off with just Mermaid Tears as it was an amazing mint green colour I had to have! And then also when I saw someone wearing Sparrow Me The Drama I also knew it was a MUST HAVE!

So I brought all of these individually and from different places such as Amazon and Ebay. But I wanted to get the rest of the collection because I don’t really have any pastel/cream type colours so thought I should invest.

So from left to right we have:
Skulls And Crossbones-a grey cream colour
Mermaid Tears-a mint green colour
Sparrow Me The Drama-a dusty pink colour
Stranger Tides-a light green colour
Planks A Lot-a lilac colour
Steady As She Rose-a light cream pink colour

From some of my recent mani’s you will notice the names of the colours as I have used them quite alot since purchasing but I will do a swatch watch post of all 6 soon!

Nail Polish With A Gel Topcoat Result!

image (4)

So as you can see from the picture this test was a failure. The manicure lasted only three days and even on day two it started to chip!

However I have been given some tips from Salon Geek for another method, so when or if I try it out I will keep you posted.

Although my test hasn’t worked that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it yourself with a different polish or gel topcoat. I honestly think this is a method where every nail lover or techinican should try because if you find it works for you personally or professionally I don’t see why you cannot use it.