Sorry I’ve been MIA

I’m sorry to say due to work and hobby commitments I have neglected my blog and cannot say when I will have time to return but in the meantime I am always posting on instagram so please go follow me there for updates!! I will return once things settle down! And thank you for being here to read this!!!


Easter Egg Nails


So this was the first Easter mani I did a couple of weeks ago using OPI ‘Alpine Snow’, ‘Big Apple Red’ and ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ for these easy and simple nails.

I firstly painted my nails all white, then using a small detailing paintbrush I painted on the half circles on the tops and bottoms of the nail, and also painted on the zig zags, and finally did the dots using a dotting tool.

I then topped them off with Seche Vite.

Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ Nails


So one of the nail art challenges I’m doing this month included a theme of Art Inspired nails, so I went straight for one of my favourite artists Van Gogh.

His style is so unique that I have always loves the way his little strokes created such great pictures. So as above I have post a picture of my nail art and the original artwork by Van Gogh.

I also wanted to try a different technique on my nails too and as I’ve said Van Gogh is so different from other artists I knew it would be a good choice.

Firstly I painted my nails pale blue then with my small detailing paint brush I created all the little brush strokes in the different colours.

I was quite pleased with how they turnt out even if I’m not a master at this technique, it was definitely a challenge and something new and different.

French Gradient Nails


Another mani I’ve been wanting to try for a while is this french gradient mani.

So I used OPI ‘My Very First Knockwurst’ and ‘Alpine Snow’ for the soft simple gradient (which I loved!) and ‘My Favourite Ornament’ on the ring finger for a sparkly accent nail.

I used Seche Vite fast drying topcoat to seal and smooth the nails.

February Nailart Challenge-Day 14-Match Outfit of the Day


So for my 400th post on my blog it suits in well with the manicure I wore on Valentine’s day morning.

So as I wore some galaxy print leggings I decided to do a long overdue galaxy manicure.

I used OPI ‘Lady In Black’ as a base, then once that had dried completely I used a makeup sponge and China Glaze’s ‘Grass Is Lime Greener’, ‘Spring In My Step’ and ‘Lotus Begin’ for the galaxy swirls.

Then using a dotting tool and OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ for the stars and Seche Vite topcoat to finish.

And just a little thank you from me to all of you who read and follow my blog, I know I tend to spam you with posts but I going to try and be better at posting this year!

Happy 400th post to me!