Autumn Skull Nails


For this simple mani I used autumn colours such as OPI “My Very First Knockwurst”, “Visions Of Love”, “All Sparkly And Gold” and “Alpine Snow” plus some swarovski crystals.


Silver and Blue Stamped Floral Nails


For this mani I used OPI Gelcolor “Turn On The Haute Light” and Moyou London Tropical stamping plate number 7 along with Mundo De Unas stamping polish in “Holland Blue”.

For a tutorial on how to do this mani click on the link below for my youtube channel.

Evil Queen from Disney’s Snow White


So this time last year I did an evil queen mani and so this year I thought I would re do it as my skills have improved.

So I used OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” as my base then acrylic paints for the old hag and beautiful evil queen.

Silver and Lace Stamped Nails


For this simple stamped mani I used OPI Gelcolor “Turn On The Haute Light” and Moyou London stamping plate Bridal number 7 along with Mundo De Unas stamping polish in “Black”.

Steel City Reflections Yukon Cornelius Christmas Duo

I was very kindly sent these two mini polishes by Tonja who makes Steelcity Reflection polishes and oh my she did not disappoint! She is the queen of glitters!

First up we have “Bumbles Bounce”.
Which is a silver jammed packed glitter polish and is opaque like this in two coats!!

Then we have “North Pole Gold”.
Which is a gold jammed packed glitter polish and again opaque like this is two coats.

The other glitter polish I have from Steel City Reflections is also opaque in a couple of coats which is glitter polish dreams!!

You can buy yours at

OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Mini Collection

So the new Gwen Stefani Holiday collection is out and I recently brought the mini set with 4 mini polishes from the collection in.

So starting with “Red Fingers & Mistletoes”.
Which is a glittery/shimmery ruby red polish and super pretty.

Next is “What’s Your Point-Settia?”.
A simple bright red which I think will be similar to other OPI Reds.

Next is “I Carol About You”.
This is a deep purple polish and is a bit of a dark cadburys purple colour which is great compared to the other dark purples recently launched.

And finally we have “Kiss Me Or Elf”.
And this is a dark cranberry purple colour and truly lovely.

I think the last two are must haves in the collection as they are unique to what OPI has brought out previously and I will try and get more from the collection to swatch too.

Smalto Pedia Week 6


For week 6 of Smalto Pedia 2.0 we were inspired by @l_t_h_p which stands for Let Them Have Polish.

I used OPI “Alpine Snow”, “Lady In Black”, “Goldeneye” and “The Man With The Golden Gun”.